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Public Safety

“I have worked tirelessly to ensure everyone feels safe in their neighborhoods, and I won't rest until they do.”

Catherine has established herself as a dedicated leader when it comes to public safety, confronting gun violence, domestic violence, the public safety officer shortage, and more.

Catherine has been a strong voice for crime victims and survivors. When she learned domestic violence cases were not being adequately prosecuted, she jumped into action. In 2022, she authored and passed Proposition D to create the Office of Victim and Witness Rights, which will streamline victims’ services and make San Francisco the first city in the state to guarantee the right to civil counsel for domestic violence survivors. When Catherine is in the Assembly, she will fight to classify domestic violence as a violent crime, recognizing its severe consequences, and always put victims first.

Catherine remains resolute in her fight for comprehensive gun safety laws to address the alarming rates of gun-related incidents in our schools and communities. Catherine passed the first ghost gun ban in California in 2021, and many cities soon followed her lead. She recognizes the importance of enforcing firearm-related sentencing enhancements, fully implementing red flag laws, and keeping illegal guns off the streets. She plans to address gun violence in schools by funding in-school threat assessment teams to prevent tragedies before they occur. Catherine also believes that we must enforce mental health screenings before individuals purchase firearms, and will commit to funding expanded mental health services in the Assembly.

Catherine is also determined to combat the pervasive open-air drug dealing on our streets. She will push for increased accountability measures for fentanyl dealers––especially those who know that they are distributing deadly poison into our communities, and those who are part of organized networks engaged in other criminal acts. While Catherine believes in a compassionate approach to addiction, by emphasizing rehabilitation services and access to a full spectrum of treatment options, she knows that we can no longer ignore the willful destruction of our communities by drug traffickers.

Catherine is unafraid and unwavering in her commitment to creating a safer California for all.

Public Education

“Ensuring our public education system works for all students is at the forefront of my efforts, because all children deserve to thrive in school.”

As a mother of two, Catherine knows that children must have equal access to high-quality educational opportunities, regardless of their circumstances.

Recognizing the importance of sustained investments, she will advocate for increased funding for schools and teachers to create an environment where families can flourish. She envisions fully funded schools that can attract and retain talented educators, maintain smaller class sizes, and reinstate essential programs such as music, arts, libraries, and special education. When it comes to public education, Catherine will fight for learning environments where all children can reach their full potential, including through increased resources and skill-level-appropriate coursework.

Catherine will fight for state funding to build and renovate school facilities, advocate for additional matching funds to ensure optimal learning environments, and always promote transparency and accountability to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely. She likewise pledges to hold districts and their leadership responsible for addressing achievement gaps across student populations.

In pursuit of sustainable education funding, Catherine aims to eliminate one-time state funding and instead champion long-term, dependable funding sources. By providing schools with more predictable financial support, Catherine seeks to empower them with better planning capabilities.

Catherine is committed to advancing public education and creating opportunities for all children to thrive.


“I will fight to address the urgent housing crisis in our state so families can stay together in our communities.”

Catherine firmly believes that everyone should have access to affordable homes they can proudly call their own.

Recognizing the urgency of the state’s housing crisis, Catherine takes a proactive stance by advocating for the construction of housing across all income levels, with a particular focus on affordable and middle-income housing. On the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Catherine has entitled more than 1,000 units of housing––including affordable units, housing for seniors, mixed-use projects, and homes that will be built with union labor––and she has consistently opposed needless delays.

She recognizes the detrimental impact of exclusionary zoning policies and will combat them through long-overdue reforms to ensure that critically needed housing can be built without unnecessary barriers.

In the Assembly, Catherine will hold cities and counties across California accountable for their failure to address the housing crisis, while providing incentives for municipalities that make real progress. She aims to close any existing loopholes within the Housing Accountability Act, ensuring that local governments actively contribute to creating more housing.

Through her leadership, Catherine will proactively address the housing crisis and strive for a brighter future for all.


“I will always protect reproductive freedom and ensure every Californian has access to quality healthcare.”

Catherine understands the significance of California as a sanctuary for abortion access, and she vows to protect and preserve access to life-saving reproductive care. Catherine knows that we can never go back to a time before Roe v. Wade––and she’ll fight to make sure that all who seek care here can do so safely.

Catherine will also prioritize the well-being of our frontline workers, advocating for their safety and ensuring they receive a living wage. She envisions a healthcare system that addresses the pressing concerns of mental health services, directing attention towards underserved and overlooked communities by expanding the availability of shelter beds and advocating for innovative housing solutions to bridge gaps in care. Catherine supports Governor Newsom's vision of a comprehensive single-payer healthcare system to provide affordable healthcare for all Californians.

Catherine will always focus on ways to increase access to quality care for those who need it most, as well as policies that will help us attract and support the best and brightest healthcare workers in California.